Treadmill digital printing machine is just a stopgap measure

by:angelacrox     2021-08-19
The treadmill digital printing machine was born, but its fatal flaw of unenvironmental protection made the treadmill digital printing machine destined to be just a stopgap measure. Coupled with the gradual overcoming of the domestic white ink, the flat-panel direct-injection machine has completely replaced the treadmill digital printing machine. Just around the corner. The vigorous environmental protection wind has been blowing for two years. Not only is there no sign of abating, but the supervision is becoming more and more stringent. As a major polluter, the printing industry is naturally the key concern of the environmental protection department. Although local governments have planned environmental protection industrial parks, after all The number of companies that can be accommodated is limited. Although the treadmill digital printing machine only needs one screen, it still produces sewage after all. Compared with traditional manual printing, it greatly reduces the pollution. So in terms of investment risk, A digital printing machine is just a stopgap measure. Another good news is that the era of DuPont white ink dominating the world is gone forever. Domestic white ink has begun to make breakthroughs this year. It is obviously not inferior to DuPont in terms of whiteness, stretch resistance, and color fastness. White ink, and its market price is only 2/3 of DuPont white ink, which is about RMB 800 per kilogram. The cost of white ink direct-injection printing for a single piece of clothing has dropped to about 4 yuan. I believe that with the large-scale promotion of domestic white ink The scale effect of its formation will eventually reduce its market price to about 500 yuan. By then, the cost of white ink direct-injection printing for a piece of clothing can be reduced to about 2 yuan. Naturally, the road will not be far.
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