What are the advantages of digital direct-injection printing machines over traditional printing machines?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The digital direct-injection printing machine is better than the basic knowledge of traditional printing. 1. The secondary modification can be carried out through the computer, which has strong flexibility. The digital direct-injection printing machine is a process of designing the sample on the computer and then using the machine to print it on the printed product. The design sample can be modified on the computer at will. After the sample is designed, you are not satisfied with the proofing effect, and you can re-modify it on the computer. , Until satisfied. In traditional printing, once the sample is confirmed, it is difficult to make secondary modifications. Compared with traditional printing, digital direct-injection printing machine has strong flexibility and market adaptability.   2. Strong color saturation, can print transitional colors.  Digital direct-injection printing machine uses tiny nozzles to spray tiny dots of dye solution on the corresponding parts. Many tiny dots can quickly form the required pattern, achieving visually consistent and realistic patterns, and can print gradual colors. Traditional printing has relatively poor performance of color saturation and level of vividness, and it is difficult to grasp some excessive colors.   3. The computer stores the data, and there will be no deviation after printing multiple times.   The digital direct-injection printing machine stores the design sample on the computer. No matter how many times it is printed, the color value will not change. The officially produced product is basically the same as the confirmed sample.  4. Suitable for production enterprises with many varieties and small batches.  The cost of using digital direct-injection printing machine for small batch production is lower than traditional printing, and it is especially suitable for production enterprises with many varieties and small batches.  5. The storage of process files is simple and convenient  As mentioned above, the digital direct printing machine stores data and process files on the computer. If you continue to use it, you can call the files stored in the computer, which is much more convenient to use. The storage of traditional rotary screen printing manuscripts and rotary screens takes up a lot of space, and at the same time wastes manpower and material resources, and the preservation effect is not very good.  6. u200bu200bGreen and environmentally friendly, pollution-free    The digital direct-injection printing machine uses environmentally friendly textile ink, which is colorless, odorless and environmentally friendly. Traditional printing requires a lot of water, the color paste is adjusted, the noise is loud, and the waste produced is very polluting to the environment.  7. Each firm index has reached the international standard   The firm index printed by the digital direct-injection printer has reached the international standard (reactive, acidic, dispersed printing) to meet the requirements of foreign customers.
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