What are the advantages of direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
Many features of digital direct injection machine. 1. The safe and environmentally friendly non-polluting direct-injection machine uses safe and environmentally friendly water-based textile ink, which has no odor or volatility. Its chemical composition has no side effects on human skin, and the direct-injection machine does not produce it during the production process. Waste water and waste gas are very safe and environmentally friendly. 2. The technical threshold is low, without the need for plate making and repeating the color registration process, it can be learned in half a day. Unlike manual printing such as silk screen printing, the technical threshold is relatively high, and the operation and maintenance are also very simple and easy. Basically, the manufacturer's half-day training can be solved. 99% of the failures of the digital direct printing machine. 3. The printing effect is very good. Mobile phone photos, pictures scanned by scanners, Photoshop AI and other design pictures can be used directly. It supports all conventional picture formats such as TIF and JPG. The direct inkjet machine computer automatically matches colors, and all colors can be printed at one time. , There is no limit to the number of colors, and you can also print gradient colors. Traditional manual printing can only print a small amount of single colors, not to mention gradient colors. 4. The printing thickness can be adjusted. The head or platform can be raised and lowered, and the printing thickness can be adjusted. It completely overcomes the traditional printing method that can only use special paper and special specifications. It can print very thin or very thick objects, and the printing thickness is generally 0 Between ~15cm. 5. Maintenance automation The current T-shirt printing machine can achieve automatic cleaning function. You can select different cleaning modes according to the consistency of the printing test line. Click the cleaning digital direct injection machine to start automatic cleaning, which is truly one-key automatic Intelligent cleaning prevents the complete blockage of the nozzle. 6. It can automatically repeat printing and can adjust the height according to the printed object. It adopts a horizontally movable vertical jet structure, which can use various raw materials conveniently and freely. After being easily placed, it can be automatically lifted to a suitable printing height and achieve a perfect color printing effect. And you can set the automatic feeding time for batch production at will, eliminating the need to repeat the steps of operating the computer. 7. Many materials can be printed. Metal, glass, acrylic, plastic, PVC, ceramic tiles, wood, fabrics, clothes and other materials can be printed. There is no need for plate making. The direct injection machine is compatible with a variety of inks. Textile inks are used for textiles, and UV inks are used for others. Eco-solvent inks (ie inks) can also be used. 8. The details are displayed, the image is vivid and dazzling, the printing accuracy is super high, and the details are displayed in detail without color fading. 9. The printing area is as small as A4, A5 or even smaller, as large as 1.8 meters wide or wider, and the length is unlimited, all in one go. 10. Printable relief and hollowing effect. Special 3D realistic effects such as relief and hollowing can be printed. 11. Intelligent continuous supply system. Large-capacity intelligent continuous supply system. The ink volume is lower than the warning line. The direct injection machine will automatically alarm, and a large amount can be added at one time. Ink, avoid frequent refilling.
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