What are the advantages of textile printers

by:angelacrox     2021-08-21
Advantages of textile printers    One, the printing steps are very simple     no need for plate making, printing, repeating the steps of color registration, no need to use various types of tools and materials required for screen printing. Using the digital printing process, only a computer is needed, and an operator can perform printing operations completely independently, saving manpower and material resources, and the method is simple, which is immediately desirable. The experience of the operator is not high, as long as the understanding is simple The image processing software is fine. 2. Strong adaptability. There are almost no restrictions on the material to be printed. As long as the material with a flat surface can be printed, it avoids the problem of selecting materials for screen printing and water transfer. It caters to the diversified needs of the market and makes up for other The shortcomings of traditional printing technology can better provide users with more comprehensive color printing services. 3. Fast and fast textile printer process for sample printing. No plate making or film production is required. As long as there is a picture, the sample can be produced to see the effect within 10 minutes. Unlike the traditional printing process, it takes 1 day or even a few days to publish and produce the film. time. The fabric printer greatly improves the efficiency of proofing. 4. It is very suitable for printing pictures with rich colors and gradual colors. Traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing can not achieve the transition of all colors according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing will have a clear color boundary. Between the two colors, it is difficult to follow the picture. It embodies the color transition by itself. Many products need to print high-precision, high-complexity patterns, and the gifts and handicraft industries are more widely used. Digital color printing can perfectly meet this demand, break through the bottleneck caused by screen printing, thermal transfer printing and other printing methods, and find new profit growth points for customers.
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