What are the characteristics of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine that meets industrial production

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
T-shirt printing machines have really begun to be accepted by the market only in a short period of 2-3 years in recent years, but this type of printing machine is still far from the road to popularization of industrial production. For digital direct-injection garment printing machines, it is now the technology The breakthrough period of rapid development requires the joint efforts of printheads, inks, machinery, and integrators to accelerate the maturity and leap of technological improvement. What are the characteristics of industrialized digital direct-injection garment printing machines?  1. The nozzle is durable and durable. The nozzle is recognized as the most expensive component in the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. The higher the high-speed production, the more specifications and numbers of nozzles. Once the loss of cost is great, printing and dyeing factories require nozzles to be more robust and durable. 2. Realize uniform and stable printing at high speed:    For the digital printing factory to switch from an inherent production line to a digital direct-injection garment printing machine, it must achieve at least acceptable speed and stability.   The jetting speed of the nozzle and the ability to cooperate with the ink are very critical.  In the long-term work, the ink can print smoothly and stably, reducing the possibility of wire drawing and clogging, and reducing the frequency of maintenance. And even if the digital direct-injection garment printing machine has a rest overnight, the ink can work as soon as it is turned on the next day, reducing the boot preparation time. 3. To meet the diverse needs of applications in different market segments: The textile industry is divided into categories, and there are completely different application requirements for different fabrics and different places of use.   Which digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is currently on the market? Take the Yanyan direct-injection garment printing machine as an example. The printing format is 120-180cm wide and 300cm-2400cm long (customizable). Head high-speed, etc., specializing in printing pieces of ready-to-wear garments, the imported digital direct-injection printing machine modified with Muto’s 900x, its technology is also quite mature, and it is well received by the market.
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