What are the differences between water slurry printing and glue printing in digital direct-injection printing machines?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The difference between water slurry printing and glue printing in direct jet printing machine. 1. Water slurry printing is the most advanced printing technique used. The material used for printing patterns is water-based paste, which is similar to the pigments or dyes used in painting. After technical processing of the printing screen, the patterned central paste can penetrate the fabric, but the center without the pattern can not be soaked, so that the pattern can be printed on the fabric. The water slurry printing process is one of the most fundamental printing processes in the screen printing industry. It can be used for printing on almost all light background fabrics such as cotton, polyester, linen, etc., and is very common. Its working principle is similar to dyeing, the difference is that it 'dyes' a certain area of u200bu200bthe fabric into the color required by the flower position. Therefore, this process cannot be used on dark background fabrics. The biggest advantage of the water slurry printing process is that it is universally used, the flower position fastness is very good, and it can print better results at an absolutely expensive price. The scope of the water slurry printing process is that it cannot be used on all dark fabrics. 2. Mucilage printing. Mucilage printing is commonly used in dressing. Its advantage is that it can produce a special texture. It is elastic, feels good, and can print light colors on dark backgrounds. The glue printing process uses special chemical gels and dyes to be highly seamlessly confused. The dye is influenced by the medium of the gel. Strongly attached to the fabric. The glue printing process restrains the scope of water-based printing. Its characteristic is to conform to the printing of various colors and materials. It can be printed on cotton, linen, viscose, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, polyvinyl and various fiber blended fabrics, and can also be printed on leather, natural leather and other materials , Use it to stop fluorescent printing, inkjet printing and Lanhua printing. Electrostatic flocking printing, etc. Printing process. The biggest advantage of the glue printing process is that it is widely used, beautiful in color, and high in restoration. However, its printing process is definitely a huge water-based printing process, and the cost is definitely higher.
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