What are the digital printing machines?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
Digital printing machines, one kind is a piece of cloth digital printing machine, divided by ink, there are more, such as: thermal transfer digital printing machine, paint direct-injection digital printing machine, reactive digital printing machine, acid digital printing machine and so on. Flat-panel digital printing machine: The paint ink mainly used in flat-panel digital printing machine is mainly used for printing cotton garments and pieces. At present, it is more used in personalized clothing customization and small and medium-sized digital printing processing factories. Piece cloth digital printing machine: The piece cloth digital printing machine is used to print cloth, such as the common sublimation digital printing machine, direct-injection digital printing machine, active digital printing machine, acid digital printing machine and its mechanical structure are all Can be summarized as a piece of cloth printing equipment. What are the digital printing machines to distinguish by ink and process? Dye-sublimation digital printing machine: This kind of digital printing machine uses dye-sublimation ink, which is mainly used to print polyester (chemical fiber) fabrics. The process is a little cumbersome. The pattern on the paper was sublimated to the chemical fiber fabric. It was very hot in the first five years, and it is not very good now. Paint direct-injection digital printing machine: Paint direct-injection digital printing machine uses paint ink, which is mainly used to print pure cotton. In fact, flat-panel direct-injection machine and conductive belt direct-injection machine are actually paint direct-injection digital printing machines. Not very good. In the past few years, it has robbed the limelight of sublimation. The process is relatively simple. The machine directly prints on the cotton fabric, and then fixes the color at high temperature (about 150°C). Reactive digital printing machine: The reactive ink used in this machine is mainly used to print pure cotton. The process is complicated, but the efficiency is much higher than that of the paint direct-injection printing machine, and the effect is slightly better. Acid digital printing machine: The acid digital printing machine uses acid ink, which is mainly used to print silk, nylon and other fabrics.
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