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What are the Feature of flocking Heat Transfer Vinyl?

What are the Feature of flocking Heat Transfer Vinyl?


The biggest feature of flocking Heat Transfer Vinyl is that it has a fluffy touch, so it has a different aesthetic feeling from other Heat Transfer Vinyls.

Flocking Heat Transfer Vinyl has strong 3D sense, pure and uniform down, pure color, rich color varieties, rubbing resistance, can be washed by various washing methods,
no glue under high and low temperature environment, UV and sunlight resistance, no color fading;

The material of flocking and Heat Transfer Vinyl is generally made of washed nylon wool and polyurethane materials, which are coated precisely,
with soft and smooth Plush touch; 100um thick high temperature resistant polyester (PET) release substrate, which is not deformed by high temperature hot stamping, is easy to carve, cut and discharge waste.

The difference between flocking engraving film and other engraving films: the pressing temperature is generally 150-160 ℃ higher than that of ordinary engraving film,
and the hot stamping time is also 10-15s higher than that of ordinary engraving film.

Application of flocking Heat Transfer Vinyl.

1) Applicable fabrics: cotton, polyester, acrylic fiber and similar fibers.

2) It can be used in ball suit, swimsuit, cycling suit, outdoor suit, bag, shoe and cap industry.

The flocking Heat Transfer Vinyl produced by Yanyan heat transfer has great advantages in the market, mainly reflected in the product quality, environmental protection,
 scalability, washability, no deformation after friction, easy weeding and other characteristics.

At the same time, the products are rich, and there are many colors to choose from. Now supply to many countries around the world, if you need, please contact us,free samples.

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