What are the general after-sales service of digital printing machine manufacturers?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
The after-sales service of a digital printing machine manufacturer determines whether the machine can make money, so the manufacturer’s after-sales service is very important, so what are the general after-sales service of the digital printing machine? 1. Training provided by the manufacturer: including three aspects, (1) training on the operation of the digital printing machine itself; (2) training on drawing and color mixing (ps); (3) training on traditional printing technology. This depends on the professionalism of the manufacturer, as well as the strength of the service. 2. The provision of a complete set of digital printing solutions: starting from clarifying the customer's purchase intention, selecting the appropriate digital printing machine, related supporting equipment, plant planning, equipment installation and commissioning, equipment operation training, printing process training, and timely after-sales service. 3. Value-added services for manufacturers: sharing of market quotations, sharing of customer sources; unit price quotations of digital printing processing, sharing of market quotations and competition in different regions such as Guangdong, Guangdong province, northern China, domestic and foreign markets. It depends on whether the digital printing machine manufacturers have this resource, whether they have been in this industry for long enough, whether the customers are really all over the country and abroad, and whether the major digital printing machine manufacturers are willing to share it with their customers. A manufacturer is a large customer platform, a truly powerful manufacturer with abundant resources and a large customer base. The integration of these resources and feedback to customers will surely save customers from taking many detours and gain valuable information. 4. Maintenance service: digital printing machines will always encounter failures. Individuals cannot handle such sophisticated equipment. Only digital printing machine manufacturers can handle them. At present, manufacturers generally provide them for 1 to 2 years. The warranty service and the promise of lifetime maintenance are provided.
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