What are the hidden dangers of refitting the digital direct injection machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-08
The digital direct inkjet machine really ignores this point. It simply thinks that by increasing the printing surface of the machine, the working area of u200bu200bthe machine can be enlarged. This is a serious mistake. The software systems of different machines have set the print format accurately in the parameter settings to ensure the overall stable and accurate operation. The modified digital direct-injection machine arbitrarily increases the length and width, but I don’t know that the software and hardware system of the machine can’t guarantee the normal operation beyond the working area, resulting in the blurring of the pattern, the random shooting of the ink, and the uninterrupted termination of the operation of the machine. Wait for failure. 3. Poor accuracy can only rely on the principle of X-axis positioning of the old digital direct inkjet machine, and the lack of the technology of combining Y-axis and Z-axis, resulting in the machine can only print a small amount of products, and a little more products will be misaligned. deviation. This is because the X-axis can only control the lateral movement of the machine, and the Y-axis controls the longitudinal movement. This requires the coordination of the Y-axis guide rail and the motor. Because of the lack of technology in this regard, the modified machine is just a rough addition of an ordinary motor. , Short life, poor stability, and the machine was scrapped within a month. The most important Z-axis technology has not been mastered, and the Z-axis is positioned to match the height of the X and Y-axis extensions. Not only the height of the printed object is greatly increased, but the three-dimensional and precise positioning of the space ensures that the machine can perfectly print with a fineness of 0.2MM, which is beyond the reach of the modified digital direct injection machine.
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