What are the nozzles of the white ink T-shirt flat plate direct printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
The nozzles of the flat-panel direct-injection machine mainly include Epson fifth-generation heads, Epson industrial nozzles, Epson tenth-generation heads, and Starlight industrial nozzles. The speed of Starlight industrial nozzles is the fastest among these heads. Epson industrial nozzles are the most cost-effective among these heads. The following editor will analyze the pros and cons of the next few nozzles in detail. Nozzle Star Epson Industrial Head Fifth Generation Head Tenth Generation Head Speed u200bu200b60㎡/h (double nozzle) 50㎡/h (double nozzle) 24㎡/h (double nozzle) 18㎡/h (double nozzle) Accuracy 720*720DPI4800*1200DPI5760* 2880DPI1440*1440DPI Life 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year Price 20000/pcs3000/pcs8000/pcs1200/pcs nozzle diameter 15PL3.5PL3.5PL3.5PL From the above table we can see that these white ink T-shirt flat-panel direct printing machines Among the sprinkler heads, the Starlight Industrial sprinkler head has the fastest speed and the longest lifespan, but its accuracy is the lowest, and its price is also the most expensive among these sprinklers. This sprinkler is mainly used in large-scale industries. On the level of flat plate direct injection machine. Epson industrial print heads are the most cost-effective among these white ink flat-panel direct-injection machine print heads. Its speed is a little slower than the star-light industrial print head, but its price is only 1/7 of the star-light head. It is suitable for medium and large industrial-grade direct injection. on board. The accuracy of the fifth generation head is the highest among these white ink flat-panel direct-injection machines, and the cost performance is low. Unless the customer has ultra-abnormal requirements for accuracy, it is not recommended to use it. The tenth generation head is the cheapest nozzle among these white ink direct inkjet printer heads, and its speed is also the slowest. The printing accuracy is higher than that of the starlight nozzle. It also has a very good price-performance ratio and is suitable for use on small white ink flatbed direct inkjet printers.
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