What are the operating specifications of the digital direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
There is no instruction manual for the digital direct-injection machine. The operation of the machine is mainly based on the precepts and deeds of the after-sales personnel of the digital direct-injection manufacturer. Therefore, there is no standard for the operation of the digital direct-injection machine, and it is naturally impossible to standardize it. Once the professional knowledge of the training personnel is insufficient or the sense of responsibility is not strong enough, or the digital direct-injection machine operator suddenly resigns, it will be very troublesome. Today, Yanyan’s editor will tell you a few operating specifications of the digital direct-injection machine: 1. Before the digital direct inkjet printer prints, you must first print a test strip. You can print pictures only after checking that there is no disconnection. Also, check whether the test strip is disconnected after one hour of printing. If there is a disconnection It needs to be cleaned before printing can continue. 2. The ink sac should be cleaned every three months to ensure the smooth printing of the machine. 3. The ink stack and the wiper need to be cleaned frequently. In order to prevent the digital direct printing machine from breaking and ink rejection during the printing process, try to keep the digital printing machine clean with good ventilation performance. 4. The temperature in the workshop of the digital direct printing machine should be controlled at about 25 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should be controlled at 15% to 45%. Try not to touch the printing surface of the thermal transfer paper with your hands, so as not to contaminate the paper, affect the printing effect, and cause problems. Taste. 5. The workshop of the digital direct printing machine must be kept clean and hygienic, in order to prevent the dust and impurities in the air from polluting the transfer paper, ink, and printer nozzle consumables, thereby causing harm to the digital printing machine. 6. Pay attention to the ink level of the ink in the ink cartridge. Never empty the ink in the ink cartridge. The position of the ink in the ink cartridge should not be lower than the lowest scale line, causing disconnection; also when adding ink to the ink cartridge It should be noted that it cannot be higher than the highest graduation line of the ink cartridge. In order to avoid excessive pressure, causing ink rejection.
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