What are the precautions for buying a T-shirt printer?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-19
T-shirt printing machine printing speed, because the speed determines how many orders you can complete in a unit time, if the speed is fast, you can win more customers during peak business periods. Third, the stability of the machine The stability of the T-shirt printer determines whether you are 'saving worry'. The equipment with good stability only needs to do routine maintenance and use the correct method to operate the equipment. If the stability is not good, it will cost you A lot of thought to adjust and calibrate the T-shirt printing machine. 4. After-sales and value-added purchase of T-shirt printers. Try to choose well-known brands. Generally, companies with high brand awareness are more mature and have a good after-sales service system. They can answer your questions in time and solve all problems you encounter. Kind of problem.
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