What are the printing processes of dark cotton T-shirts

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
The T-shirt printing machine directly sprays white ink as the base, and then sprays color ink on the white ink. 2. Screen printing combined with digital printing, screen printing to scrape the white background, and then the T-shirt printing machine sprays color ink on the water slurry. 3. Discharging and digital printing, first discharging white, and then using a T-shirt printing machine to spray the color ink country where the white is discharging. 1. Digital direct-injection T-shirt printing. Digital direct-injection printing can print dark cotton fabrics. This requires the garment printing machine to have the function of printing white ink. At present, most of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines on the market can print white ink. Yes, single-head machines generally print the white background first, and then spray color ink on top of the white ink. Multi-nozzle machines generally print white ink and color ink at the same time. It is said that it is printed at the same time, but in fact, the white ink is printed first, because of the white ink. The physical location of the nozzle is in front of the nozzle that sprays the color ink. Through this physical position setting, a time difference is formed, and the efficiency is higher than that of the flat-panel direct-injection digital printing machine with a single nozzle. 2. Screen printing combined with digital direct-injection printing should first align the position to prevent white edges, how to align the specific position, the after-sales brother who bought the machine Yanyan will naturally teach you, I won’t repeat it here, and then scrape one layer first. Digital white paste, and then the treadmill digital printing machine sprays a layer of color ink on the white paste. This kind of T-shirt printing machine is generally used in factories. 3. Discharging printing combined with digital direct-injection printing, first discharging the dark cotton fabric to be printed, and then using a T-shirt printing machine to spray color ink on the discharging part. This kind of garment printing machine is currently used relatively less. Because there are relatively few masters who know how to draw out.
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