What are the requirements of different industries for treadmill digital printing machines?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-19
There are four main customer groups for digital printing machines: 1. Traditional printing factories that are about to switch to digital printing; 2. Thermal transfer digital printing factories; 3. Apparel e-commerce; 4. DIY customized processing of personalized clothing. The four different groups have their own strengths, but also have their own shortcomings. The mature digital treadmill printing machines on the market now integrate digital direct printing machines with traditional screen printing machinery into a new type of treadmill digital printing machine. The machine first uses screen printing white glue instead of the white ink for the base printing, and then uses the digital direct-injection machine to print the color paint ink. A digital printing machine. Therefore, different companies need to have different requirements when purchasing a treadmill digital printing machine, such as: manual screen printing factory: very familiar with screen squeegee, but do not understand drawing and color adjustment, and need to train PS skills; digital heat transfer factory: I have not touched the screen squeegee, but there is no problem with drawing, and there is a certain basis for the operation of the treadmill digital printing machine; personalized custom Taobao stores: I am not familiar with drawing and squeegee, but understand the popular elements of the market, so I can find pictures and make pictures. ; Digital printing processing entrepreneurs: need to train a complete set of printing solutions, such as plant planning, equipment treadmill digital printing machine, ancillary equipment purchase, printing technology, digital processing market (processing unit price, printing quality requirements), customer sources, clothing factories , Garment factory; requires large-scale digital printing machines and a complete set of printing solutions.
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