What are the shortcomings of digital T-shirt printers

by:angelacrox     2021-09-08
The cost of ink for a T-shirt printing machine will far exceed the investment cost of traditional printing! Therefore, the cost of printing on a garment printing machine, from a cost perspective, has cost limitations! The gains and losses are equal! (3) Garment printing machines and traditional printing The combination of old and new techniques. Digital T-shirt printers have their own characteristics and characteristics, but traditional printing also has its own advantages. Both are under development, but it is impossible to combine them well! There are many shortcomings in the digital T-shirt printing machine, and traditional printing has many advantages that the garment printing machine does not have! If the two can be combined, Completely change the main achievements of the existing printing technology such as consumption cost, printing speed, sample product rate and so on, and it will be much better! Digital T-shirt printer proofing combines the advantages of traditional printing to complete the transformation of perfect proofing skills! (4) Color of proofing printing Accuracy. Compared with traditional printing, special color printing, that is, each set of colors is individually allocated with color paste. After the computer color measurement and color matching system, high color accuracy can be achieved. Even if a certain color paste is biased, it only affects a set of colors. The garment printing machine is CMYK mixed color printing. All colors are mixed by four-color ink. A little additional influence such as the difference of ink, the difference between the print heads, and the slight change in the printing process will affect the mixed color. Accuracy of a range of colors. Therefore, the color accuracy of the garment printing machine is slightly worse than that of traditional printing. It is not easy for the garment printing machine to reach the present situation! It has changed the printing technology of traditional textiles, but it is also different, it has not completely changed the consumer profit performance of the printing processing industry! A good product, except In addition to a good technical feature, it also needs to help the industry deal with corporate performance, maximize profits, and complete sample proofing accuracy! Increase profits and reduce consumption costs!
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