What are the supporting software related to clothing digital T-shirt printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
The T-shirt printing machine supports the current mainstream picture formats, so when designing patterns, common image processing software such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, etc. are all possible, and any one of them is fine. Garment printing machine control software On the other hand, there are also many options, such as Wasatch, Photoprint, ColorGate, etc. This mainly depends on whether the motherboard of the T-shirt printer manufacturer supports it. 1: Graphic design, digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine supports the current mainstream image formats, such as jpg, tiff, pdf, etc., commonly used graphic planning software such as: Photoshop; CorelDRAW; Illustrator; FreeHand, etc., according to the information provided by our customers Choose the software we use according to the design patterns to be set, such as: 1: The customer provides a bitmap manuscript, and many corrections are required. It is recommended to use Photoshop to do it; for the version of Photoshop 5.0 or higher, in the picture repair His things are very convenient. 2: When the customer needs to make some text, thin lines and other manuscripts, it is recommended to use the vector graphics production software CorelDRAW; Illustrator; FreeHand. The functions of these software are not much different. It depends on the printing of the customer's garment printing machine. The software can support the reserved vector format of the selected software. However, no matter what software you use for planning, you must pay attention to the following aspects; two: output software: T-shirt printer control software is more, such as: Wasatch; ColorPrint; PhotoPrint;, Montetech Software; ColorGate; PosterShop, EFI And GMG, etc.; among these several software, each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. Relatively speaking, PosterShop, EFI and GMG software have certain advantages in terms of color gamut and transition, but EFI and GMG digital direct-injection T-shirt printing software are relatively expensive, and some are as high as 100,000 yuan or more. In terms of clothing printing machine software, customers can choose according to the actual situation of their company or factory. As far as the current use of domestic companies is concerned, Wasatch and Montai use more T-shirt printers. Therefore, it is recommended to use these two kinds of clothing printing machine control software, but one thing to note is that not every T-shirt printing machine manufacturer’s software can have multiple choices. This mainly depends on the clothing printing machine control software development company. Is there a corresponding driver for the T-shirt printer manufacturer? In fact, for now, the standard T-shirt printer software of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printer manufacturer is generally selected based on its own situation, and the effect varies. All aspects are pretty good, but the operation of different T-shirt printing machine software is a bit different.
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