What brand of clothing printing machine is good

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
There are still many clothing printing machine manufacturers, but there are not many brand manufacturers, and each manufacturer’s clothing printing machine model, efficiency, etc. are different, and the target user groups are also different, so it is unscientific to make a good clothing printing machine. Yes, the garment printing machine that can meet your printing needs is suitable. In terms of quality and after-sales, imported garment printing machine brands are slightly better than domestic brands in terms of quality and after-sales. The ease of operation of garment printing machines is also better than imported garment printing machine brands, but the price of imported garment printing machine brands is too expensive. In terms of efficiency, it has no advantage over domestic garment printing machines. So what brand of domestic garment printing machine is good? The price of domestic clothing printing machine brands is lower, and the efficiency is much higher than that of imported clothing printing machine brands. The effect is the same as that of imported clothing printing machine brands, and the price is several times cheaper than imported machines. It is also based on China’s national conditions and international textile printing. The market demand does a lot of personalized function development, so it has a high cost performance. For example, the domestic clothing printing machine brand Yanyan, which produces 4 Epson industrial nozzles, the white ink direct-injection clothing printing machine, the price is only about 100,000 yuan. , But the efficiency and effect are not inferior to the millions of large-scale machines of imported clothing printing machine brands.
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