What brand of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is good

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
The T-shirt printing machine itself is a niche product, plus this is a new type of printing machinery and equipment, so most of them don’t understand this industry. Today, Yanyan’s editor will introduce you to digital direct injection. What brand of T-shirt printing machine is good? To make a digression, why do you all want to choose a brand manufacturer when you buy a digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine? Brand manufacturer means reliable quality, and branded goods means after-sales service is guaranteed. Because of the accumulation of relatively good reputation and reputation, so the transaction process Customers are more assured. What are the comparative digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine brands on the market? 1. Imported brands There are three main imported brands: Kornit, Brother, Epson. Kornit mainly manufactures industrial-grade direct-injection machines, suitable for large-scale clothing e-commerce or clothing factories. Both Brother and Epson only have small digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines. This type of machine is more suitable for small-scale apparel e-commerce. If it is used in factories, the speed cannot keep up. If it is used in a personalized small business, the investment is large and it is difficult to recover the cost. 2. Domestic brands. Domestic brands include 'Yanyan'. Yanyan's digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine developed relatively early. The configuration is available, the quality of the machine is stable and reliable, and the huge after-sales network covers the two economic circles of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Compared with imported brands, it has an excellent price-performance ratio.
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