What do you need to learn about digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
Only the digital printing machine can approach the natural life span. 3. Simple maintenance, guarantee of production capacity 1. In addition to the factors of the digital printing machine itself, the effect of retouching and printing is also closely related to the quality of the picture. Therefore, if you want to print beautiful patterns, high-quality pictures are especially important. In reality , Few customers will directly provide us with high-definition pictures, even high-definition original pictures, sometimes can not be used directly, but also need to do some technical processing, so you must learn to edit pictures to operate the digital printing machine. 2. Maintenance of digital printing machine maintenance is like health maintenance, overeating, day and night upside down, long time, the body will naturally be overwhelmed, the machine is also the same, long-term non-maintenance, guide rails and screw rods wear, precision decreases, and nozzle life changes Short, not only the printing effect is greatly reduced, but also the operating cost of the digital printing machine will be greatly increased. 3. For maintenance, don’t put all after-sales problems on the technicians of the digital printing machine manufacturer. There are some common faults, which can be easily solved with a simple hand. We’d better solve it by ourselves. There is no need to fix it. The machine stopped and waited for two days, and we had to wait for the manufacturer’s after-sales service to handle the wrong time, work and order. In the end, it was our own loss. And the simple maintenance of these common faults, the after-sales personnel of the digital printing machine manufacturer are also happy to teach. But the premise is that you have to be willing to learn, and willing to learn.
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