What ink is used for digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
At present, digital printing machines mainly have two kinds of inks, namely paint ink and reactive ink. The reactive ink process is more complicated and polluting, but the effect is better and more efficient. The paint ink process is simple and the efficiency is lower. 2. What ink is used in the digital printing machine for polyester fabrics? The polyester fabric digital printing machine mainly uses dispersing ink, which is very mature and reliable, and the price is very cheap. It can use the transfer process. Because of the additional transfer process, the printing cost is slightly higher, and the direct injection process can also be used. Because direct injection saves the cost of paper, the cost is slightly lower, but the machine cost is more expensive. 3. What ink is used for nylon digital printing machine? Nylon digital printing is currently mainly acid ink, which is complicated and polluting. In addition to nylon fabrics, acid ink is also used in digital printing such as silk and sweaters. 4. What ink is used for leather digital printing machine? Light-colored leather digital printing can use weak solvent or strong solvent ink, low cost, high efficiency, low printing cost, dark leather digital printing requires UV soft ink, but most of the common UV soft inks on the market are not wear-resistant , Easy to crack, Yanyan's UV soft ink can be folded more than 100,000 times without cracking, wear-resistant, and will not crack and fade even if it is frozen or boiled.
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