What is digital printing?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
Digital printing machine printing software, driving the digital printing machine, the process of printing out digital pictures, the term digital printing is common in the clothing and leather printing industries. After understanding what digital printing is, let's introduce the types of digital printing below: 1. What is direct-injection digital printing? Direct-injection printing refers to clothing digital printing. It is an index code printer that directly prints the ink on the garment fabric. Common white ink direct-injection machines and conductive belt direct-injection machines belong to this category. Direct-injection printing is the later of digital printing. A technology that has emerged, but a digital printing technology with the best prospects is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, which is in line with the trend of contemporary industrial production development. In fact, in addition to textile direct-injection printing, UV printers and printers are actually in the category of direct-injection printing, but the printing medium is different. 2. What is reactive digital printing? The core of reactive digital printing also needs to be sprayed out by a digital printing machine, but it also requires a series of complicated auxiliary processes, such as sizing, steaming, etc. Reactive printing is currently the main equipment for cotton fabric printing, with high efficiency , The process is mature, but the process is quite complicated, and more sewage will be generated during the production process, so it may be replaced by direct injection printing in the future. 3. What is digital transfer printing? Transfer digital printing is an index code printing machine that first prints the pattern on the transfer film, and then sublimates the ink on the transfer film to the chemical fiber fabric through high humidity. This digital printing process is mainly used for digital printing on chemical fiber fabrics. The machine is very mature, but with the rise of pure cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabric textiles are declining.
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