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What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?


Heat transfer vinyl is largely used in clothes, leather printing. it is quite different from silk screen printing and much easier to operate.

1. How to use heat transfer vinyl?

Usually, there is hot melt glue on the htv vinyl surface which makes the vinyl stick to the fabrics or leather after heat pressing. This htv vinyl is durable, washable, and soft.

2. How many layers for htv vinyl?

Basically htv vinyl has three to five layers, and they are base layer, release layer, printing layer, adhesive layer, and hot melt powder.

3. What application does htv vinyl use for?

Htv vinyl is used in many applications such as clothes, bags, cases, shoes, and so on, especially the numbers and names on jerseys. The heat transfer vinyl can also be applied as logos, labels, signs on garments.

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