What is the appropriate width of the large cotton digital direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-15
What are the advantages of digital direct injection machines. 1. The pattern size of the 1.2-meter-wide pure cotton digital direct-injection machine is generally below A3. A row of 1.2-meter-wide platforms can be used to lay two pieces of pure cotton or T-shirts. This width is the most convenient and comfortable to operate. When laying the film, there is almost no need to bend over. 2. 1.6-meter-wide pure cotton digital direct-injection machine. This width machine can put 3 pieces or ready-made garments in a row. The utilization efficiency is higher than that of 1.2 meters. Even if it encounters unconventional relatively large patterns, it can handle It is also more than enough. For example, if the whole page is printed, two pieces can be placed in a row, but 1.2 meters will not work. If the entire page is printed, only one piece of 1.2 meters in a row can be laid, but this width, operation It’s really a bit troublesome, especially in a row of 3 pieces. When laying the middle piece, it may not be possible to bend down directly. You must add two benches on both sides of the machine. People stand on it to operate, which is more troublesome. The efficiency of the machine is indeed higher than 1.2 meters, and the printed things are wider than 1.2 meters. 3. 1.8m wide pure cotton digital direct injection machine. This wide machine is not the mainstream. Compared with 1.2m and 1.6m, the demand for this wide flat cotton digital direct injection machine is very small. Its use The efficiency is higher than that of 1.2 and 1.6 meters, but it is really very inconvenient to operate. In the middle, it is very, very troublesome to lay the pieces. 4. Other wide-width pure cotton digital direct-injection machines With the rise of personalized cotton home textiles, the demand for some ultra-wide unconventional large-scale flat-plate pure cotton digital direct-injection machines has increased to make pure cotton. The width of the home textile machine is generally 2 to 2.6 meters, so the width of the machine is almost 2.6 meters. Although its width is much wider than 1.8 meters, it usually requires two people to cooperate. The operating comfort is much better than the 1.8-meter pure cotton digital direct injection machine.
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