What is the best clothing printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
Thermal transfer printing is the first choice for garment printing machines, and direct injection machines are the best choice for pure cotton fabric garment printing machines. 1. What is the best chemical fiber fabric garment printing machine? Although many garment printing machine manufacturers have been trying to overcome the direct injection process of chemical fiber fabrics in the past two years, the color fastness is still not ideal. Judging from the current situation, the most mature process of chemical fiber fabric garment printing machines is still Thermal transfer, although its printing cost is more expensive, especially for printing dark fabrics, the cost is not generally expensive. 2. What is the best cotton garment printing machine? There are two processes for pure cotton garment printing machine, one is thermal transfer printing, and the other is direct injection. Thermal transfer printing cotton is not very effective, the other is airtight, and the third is the hand feeling. The color fastness is a bit unsatisfactory, and the cost of pure cotton printing with thermal transfer printing is also very high, which is higher than the direct injection of white ink. The direct-injection garment printing machine is much better for cotton clothes, breathable and soft to the touch. , The color fastness is also much better than thermal transfer, so the pure cotton garment printing machine is best to use the white ink direct injection machine. 3. What is the best garment printing machine in a printing factory? Printing factories have strict control over printing costs, so thermal transfer and white ink direct-injection machines are actually not suitable for printing factories. The garment printing machines of printing factories must meet two conditions: low printing cost and wide printing fabrics. The only one of these two conditions is the treadmill printing machine.
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