What is the difference between digital direct inkjet machine and traditional printer technology

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The digital direct-injection machine process gets rid of many processes in the production process of traditional printing, such as color separation, drafting, film making, and screen making, thus greatly shortening the production time. The way to accept the pattern can be through various advanced means such as CD-ROM and E-mai1. Generally, the proofing time does not exceed one working day, while the traditional proofing cycle is generally about one week. In addition, due to the simplification of the process, the cost of proofing is greatly reduced. Quickly understand customer needs and provide satisfactory samples. (2) The design samples can be arbitrarily modified on the computer to fully express the designer's ideas. If the customer is dissatisfied with the printed sample, the production technician, designer, and customer can immediately re-modify it on the computer together, and change the color configuration and pattern. In traditional printing, once the designer's sample is confirmed, it is a very tedious task to modify it. There is a lack of flexibility and rapid adaptability to printed patterns and color matching. (3) The principle of digital direct-injection machine technology enables its products to break the limitations of traditional printing and dyeing production of color and pattern length, thereby greatly expanding the space for textile pattern design and improving the quality of products. If the digital printing machine adopts 8 basic colors, (quaternary color and dark blue, light red, light blue, orange) theoretically it can express i677 million colors, especially in the printing of high-precision patterns such as color gradients and moiré. Above, digital printing has unparalleled advantages in technology. (4) The high-precision printing process does not use the traditional water toning paste. The use of dyes in the printing process is 'distributed on demand' by the computer. There is almost no waste of dyes and waste water, and the noise is less than 58 decibels, thus getting rid of High energy consumption and high pollution have realized the green production process. (5) During the production process of the digital direct-injection machine, the computer automatically memorizes the color data. During mass production, the color data remains unchanged to ensure the consistency between the small sample and the large sample, and batch to batch. In traditional printing, it is difficult to guarantee. This is because the batches of sizing are different, and it is difficult to ensure that the same color is completely reproduced. (6) The production of digital direct-injection machines truly realizes the production process of small batches and quick response, and the production batch is not subject to any restriction. And because the production process of the digital direct-injection machine all realizes the digital control of the computer, flexible production can be carried out according to the needs. If the customer orders 10m2 of decorative cloth, it will be delivered within 1~3.5 hours, which is desirable immediately. However, the use of traditional printing is simply difficult to achieve.
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