What is the meaning of direct injection machine A3

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
Direct-injection machine, abbreviated as A3 direct-injection machine, is the inkjet printer with the largest printing area of u200bu200bA3 size. There are three main types of A3 direct-injection machines on the market, one is A3 printer, the other is A3 UV printer, and the third is A3 T-shirt printing machine. 1. The A3 printer is rarely used at present. It is mainly used to print relatively small flat objects with a light surface color, such as leather and handicrafts. There are 6-color nozzles and 8-color nozzles. The 6-color version is cheaper, and the 8-color version is much more expensive. 2. A3UV printer A3UV printer is a small volume and color printing artifact with high value-added items. It can print all materials, ultra-high printing accuracy, and the price is moderate. It is currently the largest UV printer on the market. , This model also has 6-color nozzles and 8-color nozzles, but the 6-color nozzles are not recommended because they have too many inherent defects and high failures. 3. A3 T-shirt printing machine A3 T-shirt printing machine is only suitable for printing T-shirts. Because the belly of the machine is too small, the printing platform is in the belly of the machine, so there is no extra space, so it can only accommodate one T-shirt shop. Go in, you can't spread it in larger or thicker ones like sweaters, but the effect of printing T-shirts on this model is very good.
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