What is the name of the machine and equipment for printing photo patterns on clothes

by:angelacrox     2021-08-20
T-shirt printing machine manufacturers are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. Everyone is in their own hands. All new technologies, new processes, and new information are kept secret from their peers. According to this situation, it is difficult to form a unified digital printing machine equipment industry. standard. So around the question of what is the name of the machine and equipment that prints photo patterns on clothes, different manufacturers have different names. 2: The digital printing machine equipment industry is not standardized enough. There are many T-shirt printing machines that can be found in the market, and many T-shirt printing machines are sold. However, there are not many manufacturers of real digital printing machines, so most of what customers see may be Some dealers or leather bag companies, these leather bag companies or dealers are difficult to be professional, so it has formed a phenomenon of mixed fish and eyes, so the question of what is the name of the machine and equipment that prints the photo pattern on the clothes, there are more different Name 3: T-shirt printing machine is not popular enough. Digital printing machine is a new technology. There are not too many printing factories using digital printing technology, and it is far from the point of popularization. Many bosses bought T-shirt printing machines for To prevent peers from grabbing orders, they will be locked up and refused to be visited by peers, so they will not tell peers the scientific name of the digital printing machine they bought. It’s been the past two years that I started my own business with a small T-shirt printing machine, not many, so it’s not surprising that there is a question of what is the name of the machine that prints photo patterns on clothes. Yanyan is a professional manufacturer of digital T-shirt printing machines. If you have any intention to purchase the machine or have any other related questions, you can contact our customer service staff.
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