What is the output of the cotton digital direct-injection cloth printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
Epson and Starlight 1024 industrial nozzles are currently used in digital printing machines. The common nozzle configurations are 2~8. The following is a list of common nozzle configurations and corresponding output. If there is a digital printing machine with greater production capacity, it will be developed. , Will be updated in time. Nozzle model Nozzle number output DX 10212~18㎡/hDX 10420~32㎡/h5113240~50㎡/h5113360~75㎡/h5113460~90㎡/hDX 519~12㎡/hDX 5218~24㎡/hDX 5430~45㎡/ hStarFire245~60㎡/hStarFire490~120㎡/hStarFire8180~240㎡/h The above are several common and mature nozzle configuration schemes, especially the 5113 nozzle configuration of pure cotton direct-injection cloth digital printing machine, which has extremely Good price-performance ratio. For machines with higher output requirements, StarFire can be used. If the space is sufficient, multiple 5113 nozzles can be used. After all, at the same speed, one StarFire nozzle can buy two 5113 nozzles for the price The machine is configured.
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