What kind of ink do leather printing machines generally use?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
The eco-solvent ink used in leather printing machines. This ink can only print on light-colored leather, but dark leather cannot be printed. The so-called eco-solvent ink can also be said to be ink. Early printers are practical. This is the ink. Of course, light ink is not enough. If the leather does not absorb water, a spray layer is needed. It can be used for matte, smooth and other effects. Until now, eco-solvent inks are actually mainly used for leather printing. Nowadays, I often encounter dark leather. How do I print this kind of leather? Since the UV printer can print white ink, it is also possible to use the UV printer as a leather printing machine. The difference is that this kind of leather The printing machine can print white ink, but this ink is not ordinary hard ink, it is soft, called UV soft ink, in this way, the problem of dark leather printing is solved.
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