What kinds of pure cotton digital printing machines are there?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
There are two types of digital printing machine and active digital printing machine. 1. Reactive digital printing machine Reactive digital printing machine was born to improve the printing effect of pure cotton cloth. In the early traditional pure cotton printing, the patterns and styles were too simple. All the printings looked the same. There is nothing new in terms of aesthetics. Fatigue and the emergence of active digital printing machines have rewritten the history of pure cotton printing. The pure cotton cloth printed by active digital printing machines not only has no effect on the texture and feel of the cloth, and the washing fastness is not inferior to traditional printing, but also It can also print very complex and dazzling pattern effects, which are not available in traditional printing. However, it is not without its shortcomings. The active digital printing process is relatively complicated, such as setting, sizing, printing, cooking, soaping, etc. The printing process needs to consume a lot of water materials and cannot avoid the generation of pollution sources. 2. Paint direct-injection printing Paint direct-injection printing is born to solve the environmental protection problem. Traditional pure cotton printing solves the problem of existence and absence. Reactive digital printing solves the problem of good and bad, but neither can avoid the problem of environmental pollution. The reasonable pollution source in the printing process is contrary to the trend of green sustainable development. In this case, the digital direct-injection printing machine came into being. The paint ink used in it is water-based, not easy to volatilize, and has no irritating odor. , It is not corrosive, and there is no need for water to assist in the production process. It is truly water-free and environmentally friendly digital printing. There is still a certain gap between it and active digital printing in terms of washing fastness, printing effect, printing efficiency, etc. For more information, please get Jia Yanyan's WeChat account. Welcome everyone to come to discuss and exchange.
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