What knowledge does the operator of the garment digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine need to master?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
Skilled masters of T-shirt printing machines, especially excellent T-shirt designers, will pay close attention to the development status and technical characteristics of the world’s latest T-shirt printing materials and digital direct-injection garment printing machines in order to adopt them at the fastest speed. The latest scientific and technological achievements have produced novel and unique T-shirts. T-shirt designers are often independent professionals. They set up their own T-shirt designers or companies, and they sell their ideas and designs to T-shirt factories, T-shirt operators, advertising companies and other customers. Such T-shirt design companies often consider three issues first when designing: 1. Customer requirements; 2. Using the latest T-shirt printing technology to achieve unique and colorful artistic effects; 3. Optimal cost and profit margin. Therefore, a qualified digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine operator should not only master basic image processing skills, but also have a good command of the digital direct-injection garment printing machine software, so that they can use some skills and experience without reducing the T-shirt In the case of printing effect, the cost of T-shirt printing can also be greatly reduced.
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