What machine is good for leather printing

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
There are two types of leather printer and web machine. According to the ink, there are two types: eco-solvent printer and UV leather printer. So what machine is good for leather printing? It is better to use a flatbed machine for finished products and cut pieces, and it is better to use a leather coil printer for rolls. Eco-solvent leather printers are more cost-effective for light-colored leather, while UV printers can only be used for dark-colored leathers. 1. Which machine is better for flatbed printer and roll leather printer? Flatbed printers and coiled leather printers are actually not comparable. They are complementary. Flatbed leather printers are more suitable for printing finished leather products or leather pieces, such as shoe factories, handbag factories, and luggage factories. Many, roll leather printers can only print rolls of leather, such as furniture factories and so on. 2. Which machine is good for printing leather with solvent printer or UV printer? Solvent-based leather printers have a long history in the leather digital printing industry. They are very mature, with excellent color fastness and hand feel. The cost of printing is very low, but the disadvantage is that they can only print light-colored leather. UV printers have been used in the leather printing industry for the last two years. The advantage is that it can print white ink, so dark leather can also be printed directly. The disadvantage is that the printing cost is high, and there are more UV leather printing solutions on the market. Mature, will crack, and not wear-resistant. For now, Yanyan's leather printing solution is still very mature. It can be folded more than 100,000 times without cracking and wear-resistant. It will not crack if it is frozen for half a year and boiled for more than half an hour. Does not fade.
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