What machine is used for printing on cotton cloth

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
Digital printing machine and paint direct-injection printing machine are two kinds of machines. Flat screen printing machines and rotary screen printing machines are very polluting, and their effects are completely incomparable with digital printing machines, so they are basically a dead end. There are still many digital printing factories that have flat screen printing. Machine and rotary screen printing machine, because the license is obtained very early, it can still do some low-cost cotton printing, but as a large number of traditional cotton printing equipment is scrapped and shut down, this traditional cotton printing Processing costs have gradually risen. According to this trend, it will not take long for the processing costs to catch up with the cost of digital cotton printing. By then, these traditional cotton printing equipment will be completely uncompetitive. Nowadays, digital printing machines are mainly used for printing on cotton. There are two types of machines for printing cotton. One is the active digital printing machine, which is the main force of cotton printing at present. Its printing effect is good and efficient, but it also has pollution. If the pollution is not solved In the case of stubborn illness, the future will have to end up like flat screen printing machines and rotary screen printing machines. At present, it can only be regarded as a transitional solution for cotton printing. The other is the paint direct-injection digital printing machine. This kind of digital printing machine has good effect and no pollution. However, it currently has low efficiency and can only be used in small and medium-sized digital printing processing plants. Yanyan is the first in the industry. Developed a digital direct-injection digital printing machine with 8 industrial nozzles that can only print about 150 meters of cotton in an hour. This speed is incomparable with the active digital printing machine, but I believe this problem will be solved sooner or later. .
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