What nozzle is better for cotton direct-injection piece cloth digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-30
Used on a digital printing machine, the speed is too slow. 2. Stability These nozzles are actually very stable, so some people may ask, since they are all stable and the ten-generation heads are so cheap, why not use the quantity to make up for it? The idea is good, but you should know that the more nozzles, the more troublesome it is to replace and calibrate nozzles. Therefore, the more nozzles, the worse the stability, so it is generally not recommended to do this. 3. Accuracy and efficiency The accuracy of Epson's full range of print heads has nothing to say. The Starlight 1024 is indeed lower in this regard, but its ink output is larger, so the effect is stronger, so the accuracy actually does not have a big impact on the effect. , But the price of Xingguang 1024 is too expensive, one cost more than 20,000, rich masters can consider, otherwise, we still recommend 4720, fast, cheap, and cost-effective.
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