What nozzle is used for the digital printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-12
The digital direct-injection printing speed of the digital printing machine. Model Number Mode Speed u200bu200bAccuracy Price Life DX 101 Single Four Colors 8 Square Meters/Hour 1440*720DPI1000/PCS1~1.5 Years DX 1023 Four Colors 16 Square Meters/Hour 1440*720DPI1000/PCS1~1.5 Years DX 1046 Four Colors 32 Square Meters/Hour 1440* 720DPI1000/PCS1~1.5 years 51131 single four-color 25 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI3500/PCS1~1.5 years 51132 double four-color 50 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI3500/PCS1~1.5 years DX 51 double four-color 12 square meters/hour 2880*1440DPI7500 /PCS1~1.5 years DX 524 four-color 24 square meters/hour 2880*1440DPI7500/PCS1~1.5 years DX 548 four-color 48 square meters/hour 2880*1440DPI7500/PCS1~1.5 years StarFire 10242 single four-color 60 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI25000/ PCS 2~3 years StarFire 10244 dual four-color 120 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI25000/PCS 2~3 years As can be seen from the above figure, Epson nozzles are more cost-effective and industrial nozzles are more efficient.
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