What should I do if the cotton cloth digital printing machine now overprints stripes?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
The same is true for digital printing machines. Generally, several problems of pure cotton cloth printing machines are common. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the causes and solutions to solve the problems in time without affecting the progress of the work. Yanyan's editor concluded that there are three reasons for the overprint stripes in the printed image of the pure cotton cloth digital printing machine: 1. The ink head is offset, the single ink head has an oblique offset, and the two ink heads are not aligned. 2. The paper feeder is too tightly jammed, causing poor paper feeding, causing great resistance to the Y-axis stepping motor of the pure cotton cloth digital printing machine, which cannot reach the standard step value. 3. There are differences in the stepping amount when feeding paper of different thicknesses. Solution: 1. To calibrate the nozzle of the pure cotton cloth printing machine, please contact professional technicians. 2. Use manual paper feeding to reduce resistance. 3. Adjust the paper step setting CALIBRATION menu in the pure cotton cloth digital printing machine, increase or decrease the step value. 4. The nozzle is broken. Clean the nozzle. 5. Insufficient printing ink, increase ink output. 6. The paper feeder is too tight, loosen the paper feeder.
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