What should I pay attention to when starting a small digital direct-injection cotton T-shirt printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-12
T-shirt printing machine custom T-shirts are sold directly on Taobao. Although Taobao has become more and more difficult to make in recent years, it does not mean that there is no chance. The reason why most Taobao stores do not make money is that the products are not competitive and the other is e-commerce. The operation is not professional, and the two are indispensable. The pure cotton T-shirt made with this pure cotton digital direct-injection garment printing machine is still a competitive product on Taobao. After all, there are not many products at present, even if there are more in the future. It can also compete through differentiation. This kind of venture capital is relatively small, and you can buy a small digital printing machine at home. 2. Word-of-mouth marketing, if you don’t understand e-commerce, you can only develop customers in this way. The facade should not be too biased. At best, it should be closer to the school. If it can be opened at the entrance of the school or in the university campus, wow haha, that’s great. In the early stage, we used this kind of clothing printing machine to make some pretty ones. T-shirts can be given away for free, or half-sold and half-free. As long as the product is well done, there is no need to worry about losing customers. In the later period, customers are basically introducing customers. In fact, it is also a kind of viral marketing in disguise. If you do it, half a month Then you can easily earn back the cost of the digital printing machine. 3. When I am free, I will use the T-shirt printing machine to make some new T-shirts. After drying in the Moments, there will always be some gains, and occasionally engage in activities, such as collecting likes and customizing a T-shirt for free. The number of likes is set a little higher, and the ones that can be selected are basically those who still have some social and personal connections. Print them with a digital printing machine and send a few dozen pieces of them. You don’t suffer. If you do it well, you can earn back the original T garment printing machine in less than three months.
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