What should you start with when choosing a digital printing machine for pure cotton cloth?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
There are also more and more manufacturers of digital printing machines. However, digital printing machine buyers are faced with many types of equipment at home and abroad. How to choose a digital printing machine suitable for their business and whether they can get the expected return on investment is indeed a question worthy of serious consideration and investigation.   At present, there are dozens of manufacturers of cotton fabric printing machines at home and abroad. Regarding how to choose the digital printing machine that suits you, this article will do a detailed analysis from the following aspects. First: The digital printing nozzle    nozzle is the core of the cloth printing machine. Due to the particularity of textile digital printing, there is no nozzle in the world, which can be perfectly suitable for any type of digital printing. Let’s take a look at some of the top nozzles on the market: Second: the output of a single machine 1. The misunderstanding of the PASS number As far as the digital printing machine equipment in the world is concerned, the printing of ordinary cotton cloth printing machines requires 3 -4PASS, large area color block printing needs 6-8PASS to complete, only a small amount of small patterns can be completed with 2PASS. 2. Number of nozzles   As far as current technology is concerned, 8-16 nozzles (referring to industrial-grade nozzles) are the best configuration for digital printing machines. If the number of nozzles is increased, the stability control of the equipment system will become complicated. Third: the professionalism of equipment manufacturers From two aspects, it is easy to see whether equipment manufacturers’ products are professional.   1. From the appearance of the machine, whether the appearance of the pure cotton cloth printing machine is open, whether it can be operated conveniently by the operator, and whether the design of all aspects meets the operating requirements of the human body.  2. In addition to observing the performance of the equipment in terms of printing, it is also necessary to observe whether the cloth feeding system, washing system, and belt movement system of the equipment are perfectly matched. Fourth: the technical service team    digital printing equipment is a high-tech equipment, the Ru0026D capabilities and after-sales service capabilities of the equipment manufacturer are very important.  Finally, the suggestion for equipment manufacturers in China to choose digital printing:    As far as the current printing technology is concerned, China and the world are synchronized. In recent years, the domestic pure cotton fabric printing machine has been almost at the same level as the world, but the domestic equipment is more cost-effective and will bring more benefits to customers than imported equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that users choose pure cotton digital printing machines. At the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively compare multiple aspects, among which the following two points deserve special attention. 1. From the nozzle point of view: if you choose the same nozzle, the nozzle will be the same regardless of whether it is domestic or imported. Although imported equipment in the past represented an image with a higher degree of automation, greater stability, and more advanced design concepts, as far as the current market is concerned, whether it is imported or domestically produced equipment, mechanical and electronic problems are relatively rare. The key is the nozzle. 2. From the perspective of user cost and maintenance cost: the cost of using imported equipment is relatively high, and the price of ink is generally twice that of domestic ink. In addition, imported equipment inks cannot fully meet the requirements of the Chinese market in terms of color or delivery cycle. In terms of after-sales service, domestic equipment manufacturers can solve the problem on-site within 24 hours, while imported equipment manufacturers cannot.
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