When buying a T-shirt printer, please pay attention to the following four points

by:angelacrox     2021-08-18
T-shirt printers do some personalized things, such as mobile phone cases, cards, etc. But ordinary brothers don’t understand T-shirt printers. What if they want to buy a better machine? Especially the question of after-sales has caused many brothers to struggle, and Yanyan will talk about four points to pay attention to. In fact, in the market of T-shirt printers, and even the quotations of printers are contrasted and disorderly, the quotations of each manufacturer are different, and the quality, craftsmanship and after-sales are also different. 1. The contrast of the T-shirt printer market is chaotic. We must first make it clear that the T-shirt printer we buy is not a printer that is usually used in offices. It is not a sophisticated machine, and shopping malls are even less sophisticated. Printers used in industrial production are usually used in China. There are imported printers modified or domestic printers modified, many of the skills are not very sophisticated, of course, some manufacturers have very sophisticated skills, but such manufacturers usually have been in this profession for more than 5 years. The disorder in the shopping mall has caused the quotation of T-shirt printers to be disordered. 2. The after-sales service point of the manufacturer usually wants to know the after-sales ability of this T-shirt printer manufacturer. You can ask how many after-sales service points they have. Usually the more the better, because the more, you can choose the nearest after-sales maintenance. 3. The manufacturer's after-sales personnel experience this is the main goal of Hengding a after-sales role. Think about it, the role of the factory's after-sales personnel for a few months and the T-shirt printers who have been skilled in helping you solve your questions for a few years or even a decade, there are many differences. 4. In the quotation question, it is said that the shopping mall quotation is chaotic. I don’t know whether it is true or false. To distinguish this, you need to understand the accessories, application training, after-sales and other aspects of the T-shirt printer manufacturer. The quality of the T-shirt printer is good and the work is stable. Good sex, don't worry about after-sales service, the price must be higher. If you can buy a T-shirt printer with good quality and good after-sales service, please come to Yanyan for detailed consultation.
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