Which brand of digital printing machine is good

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
The application areas of digital printing machines are also slightly different, so which one is better depends on what product is printed. Next, Yanyan’s editor will introduce the digital printing machine brands in detail, and I will select a few representative digital printing machine manufacturers to introduce them. 1. Mimaki Mikaki digital printing machine is a Japanese digital printing machine manufacturer. Its digital printing machines mainly include polyester printing cloth printing machine, leather printing leather coil printing machine, and photo printing machine. The precision is good, that is, under the condition of maintaining a high printing speed, it can also have an excellent color display effect, and the accuracy is not low. Polyester chemical fiber cloth printing or leather roll printing can consider it. It is a little expensive, but it is very stable and reliable. 2. Mutoh, the Chinese brand is called 'Muto'. Mutoh is also a Japanese manufacturer of digital printing machines. Its digital printing machines are mainly in three categories: chemical fiber cloth printing machines, leather roll printing machines, photo machines, and Muto's digital printing machines. Known for its high cost performance, it maximizes the efficiency of a single Epson fifth-generation print head at the expense of some accuracy and effects. Even so, the common precision and effect of its digital printing machine for large-scale products are not lost to domestic ones. The quality has nothing to say, it is as stable as a rock. 3. Yanyan, the Chinese brand 'Xiangyu'. This is a domestic digital printing machine brand manufacturer with a history of more than 13 years. It can be regarded as the originator of the domestic digital printing machine industry. It is good at textile digital printing equipment and its models cover cloth printing machines. , Leather printing machine, digital direct printing machine, treadmill digital printing machine, oval digital printing machine, etc., we can tailor the digital printing machine to meet the various needs of customers in terms of size, print head, printing speed, etc. It is simple The golden oil of digital printing machine brand manufacturers. Through the above comparison, I believe there is an answer to the question which brand of digital printing machine.
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