Which brand of digital printing machine is of good quality

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
Although the quality of the digital printing machine brand is a bit inferior, it has a super high price. Relatively speaking, the domestic digital printing machine brand is more grounded. As an old predecessor of digital printing machines, two imported brands like Epson and Brothers have been working in this field for more than 20 years. The machine is simple to operate and impeccable in terms of stability. However, its direct-injection digital printing machines are mainly Mainly small, the Israeli brand direct-injection digital printing machine is a rising star. In order to avoid confrontation with these oligarchs, it started directly from the industrial-grade direct-injection digital printing machine. After several years of development, it has been on the right track. The domestic direct-injection digital printing machine has a late entry, and its quality machine stability is slightly inferior to that of the imported brand's digital printing machine, but the effect is not inferior to the imported brand. As a latecomer, its brand awareness is also slightly lower. . Among the national direct-injection digital printing machine brands, there are also some manufacturers with good quality reputation, such as the national high-tech enterprise Dongguan Yanyan Technology Co., Ltd., which is good at Epson nozzles and Xingguang industrial nozzles. The machines they produce are not only in The effect is not inferior to the imported brand digital printing machine, and the performance is completely abused by the imported brand, and it has a more thorough understanding of the Chinese digital printing equipment market, and the targeted development of the machine is obviously suitable for China's national conditions.
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