Which brand of leather printing machine is of better quality

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
Can the leather printing machine meet these two standards? Let's listen to Yanyan's editor to introduce to you. 1. Abrasion resistance and non-cracking solvent ink is not a big problem in terms of abrasion resistance and non-cracking, but solvent ink can only print white leather. As more and more dark color leather printing needs explode, except for UV There is no other choice for printing, but there are only one or two UV ink printing leather without cracking. Yanyan is one of them. It uses patented UV ink combined with special technology to truly print dark color leather without cracking. The leather can easily pass more than 100,000 folding tests without cracking. 2. The cost is controllable. Yanyan started to make leather printing machines more than ten years ago. In order to test the machine and optimize the leather printing process, it also does leather digital printing processing by the way. It has a history of more than ten years. The digital printing process is very thorough, low-cost solvent-based leather printing, high-end UV leather printing, etc. Yanyan can provide different solutions according to the different needs of customers.
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