Which digital printing machine is better

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
Among the manufacturers of digital printing machines, they are relatively large. Of course, the scale alone cannot explain which digital printing machine is better. 2. Process As the predecessor of the digital printing machine equipment industry, it currently has very mature textile digital printing processes such as pure cotton direct injection, polyester direct injection, and nylon direct injection. Among them, the nylon direct injection digital printing process is in the market besides Yanyan. It is difficult to find a second one. 3. Qualification Yanyan has always paid attention to product development and innovation. At present, it has won certificates such as 'High-tech Enterprise' and 'Dongguan Private High-tech EnterpriseOf course, it is difficult to explain which digital printing machine is better just by scale, craftsmanship, and qualifications. 4. Word of mouth As a powerful manufacturer of digital printing machines, both the Yanyan industry and the textile printing industry also have a good reputation and reputation. In line with the purpose of serving customers, we will do our best to provide customers with high-quality follow-up services.
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