Which is better, paint direct-injection printing or reactive digital printing?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
The cotton printing machine is mainly used in the printing of pure cotton garments and pieces, and the printing of pure cotton cloth. The digital direct-injection printing machine is only suitable for printing small batches of pure cotton cloth. 1. Reactive digital printing 1. High efficiency: Before the advent of digital direct-injection printing machines, reactive digital printing machines were the main force in pure cotton printing. Because of their high printing speed, the printing of large quantities of pure cotton fabrics used reactive printing. Then cut into pieces of clothes, and finally sew out ready-to-wear garments, so three to five years ago, shirt bumps were commonplace on the streets. 2. The effect is good: the pure cotton fabric made by the active digital printing machine has no change in texture and hand feeling. In terms of color, active digital printing does have advantages. The cotton fabric of the same composition has the same pattern and uses active The digital printing machine and the conductive belt digital printing machine are printed separately, and when you compare them together, you will find that the visual effects of the present are still different. 3. Stability: The pure cotton fabric printed by the active digital printing machine has better stability, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and will not decolor under various extreme environments. 4. Limitations: Active digital printing only prints cloth, which will cause pollution during the production process, high energy consumption, and consume a lot of electricity and water during the production process, and its investment cost is also relatively large, usually in 8 digits. above. 2. Paint direct-injection printing 1. Flexible: The paint direct-injection printing process is very simple. It can print pieces, ready-made garments, and start printing one piece. It is very flexible. It can also be pure cotton cloth, but the efficiency of printing cloth is not the same as that of reactive printing. And language, 2. Environmental protection: The digital direct-injection printing machine can be said to be the most 'green' garment printing machine at present, and it can almost be said to be zero-emission. Traditional printing is a big industrial water-consuming user and can achieve zero emissions. It is not easy. 3. Cheap: Compared with reactive digital printing, it is much cheaper to invest in a set of paint direct-injection printing equipment. A small T-shirt printing machine can cost tens of thousands of dollars. 4. Limitations: The efficiency is relatively low, and the effect is slightly inferior to reactive printing, but compared to traditional printing, its printing effect is a few blocks away from traditional printing. For more information, please get Jia Yanyan's WeChat account. Welcome everyone to come to discuss and exchange.
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