Which kind of leather printing machine is good?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
The best leather printing machine, the printed pattern will never fade, and the printing cost is also the cheapest among all leather printers. With varnish, the cost of printing per square meter is only three yuan. Without varnish, One square meter of leather printing costs more than one piece, and this machine is also very cost-effective. An Epson fifth-generation head can print 12 square meters in one hour, and the printing speed with three Ricoh G5 industrial nozzles is not so good. This kind of machine mainly prints leather pieces, and the 1.6-meter-wide Mutoh leather printing machine can also be changed to roll material. 2. UV printers In recent years, with the rise of personalized customization, more and more dark leather printing needs have begun to appear. Printers are useless. UV printers can print white ink, not only can solve the problem of printing dark leather The problem is that you can also print special effects such as embossments, but the color fastness of the leather printed by the UV printer is still different from the leather printed by the printer. After a long time, it will crack, so the UV printer can print some color fastness. Leather products that are not very demanding in terms of degree, but leather such as gloves, etc., is a bit far-fetched if it is made with a UV printer. Moreover, the cost of printing leather with this kind of leather printer is relatively high, and the printing cost of one square meter is more than 3 yuan. This kind of printer mainly prints cut pieces. Of course, there are also flat-rolling machines that can print leather rolls.
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