Why does the cotton canvas cloth digital printing machine produce color difference

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
What are the factors that cause color difference in digital printing machines? The following editor of Yanyan will introduce to you: 1. Ink problem The ink quality of the cloth digital printing machine is the key to directly reflect the final effect. If the ink quality of the canvas digital printing machine is too poor, it will be difficult to print out the customer. The effect of demand. At present, there are many kinds of ink models in the domestic market, so it is difficult for us to make a choice when buying. At this time, the best choice is to directly contact the fabric printing machine manufacturer and use the special ink recommended by the cotton printing machine manufacturer. This saves a lot of trouble and reduces the occurrence of gaps in the printing effect. 2. Fabric color and structure. The background color and structure of the gray fabric will also affect the color difference of the image. For example, the color of the gray fabric is not white enough, which will definitely affect the effect of the fabric digital printing machine. For example, the water absorption, the number of needles, and the The flatness will affect the printing effect of the canvas digital printing machine. 3. Picture problem    Before the operator uses the cotton printing machine to print the pattern on the medium, he needs to process the pattern to be printed until the effect that the customer wants is achieved, and then the printing is started. But if in the process of image processing, the color of the pattern is damaged due to processing errors, the printed effect will be very different from the actual required effect. Therefore, it is best for the printer operator to perform a sample test before printing, until the desired effect is achieved, and then perform the formal printing. This can not only save materials, but also print out products that satisfy customers in the shortest time. Fourth, the fuselage problem wants to print out the effect of the customer's requirements as quickly as possible. The cloth digital printing machine itself is the most important role in the printing process. It is printed by a canvas digital printing machine with high stability and high precision. The product is not prone to chromatic aberration. The higher the printing accuracy of the nozzle used in the cloth printing machine, the more realistic the printing effect will be, and the less there will be a gap between the printing effect and the actual required effect.   In addition to the above three reasons, the cotton digital printing machine operator itself is also an important factor. Only the excellent and careful canvas digital printing machine operator can print the product effect more in line with customer needs. And if the operator simply wants to print the product, the color effect of the print will be dull and dull, and ultimately not only will the loss of this enterprise customer, but also make the later development of the enterprise more difficult.
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