Why is Ricoh print head not suitable for textile digital printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
There is basically no way out in the field of digital printing machines. There is no comparison. There is no good or bad. Let's compare it directly with a table: Nozzle model Nozzle number Nozzle color printing speed Printing accuracy Nozzle price Nozzle life 51131 Four colors 25 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI3500 /PCS1~1.5 years 51132 four colors 50 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI3500/PCS1~1.5 years 51134 four colors 100 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI3500/PCS1~1.5 years DX 51 eight colors 12 square meters/hour 2880*1440DPI7500/PCS1~1.5 Year DX 52 eight colors 24 square meters/hour 2880*1440DPI7500/PCS1~1.5 years DX 54 eight colors 48 square meters/hour 2880*1440DPI7500/PCS1~1.5 years StarFire 10242 two colors 60 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI25000/PCS2~3 years StarFire 10244 two colors 120 square meters/hour 1440*1440DPI25000/PCS2~3 years RICOH G52 two colors 25 square meters/hour 1440*720DPI20000/PCS2 years So let’s give a few very simple examples: 1. For a small T-shirt printing machine, let’s take the Epson DX 5 print head A3 T-shirt printing machine. The current DX 5 print head A3 T-shirt printing machine market The price is basically around 30,000. Because Epson DX 5 has an 8-color print head, 4 white and 4 colors, it can print white ink, and the cost of the print head is about 7,000 yuan, regardless of whether such a small digital printing machine can be equipped with Ricoh G5 Nozzle, let’s suppose it can. Since Ricoh G5 is a 2-color nozzle, if you want to print white ink, you need 3 G5 nozzles. Then the problem comes. The cost of optical nozzles is more than 60,000. Use Ricoh nozzles to make one. A 30,000 small T-shirt printer is basically impossible. Therefore, the small T-shirt printing machine is not suitable for using Ricoh nozzles. 2. For a large flat-panel digital direct-injection printing machine, take the 1625 digital direct-injection printing machine (machine table 1.6*2.5 meters) as an example. At present, the price of 1625 on the market is about 100,000 yuan, and the dual-jet 5113 can be printed. White ink, one nozzle prints white ink and one print head prints color ink. It can print 25 square meters per hour in one hour. The cost of the print head is only less than 7000 yuan. If you use the Ricoh G5 print head to do it, you need at least 3 print heads and one print head. White ink, two color inks, if the white ink is not white enough, even 4 print heads are needed, then the cost of the print heads in this digital direct-injection printing machine is 60,000 to 80,000, and 100,000 digital direct inks. Sprinkler nozzles accounted for 60,000 to 80,000, and there are boards, sheet metal, guide rails, screw rods, research and development, labor, etc. Then this machine will make money, and it will definitely lose money. From this point of view, Ricoh print heads are not suitable for large-scale flat-panel digital direct-injection printing machines. 3. Starlight industrial sprinklers are mostly used on the conduction belt digital printing machine. Starlight industrial sprinklers and Ricoh G5 sprinklers are two-color sprinklers. In the same application scenario, the nozzle configuration is the same. For example: 2, 3, 4, 5, although the unit price of Xingguang industrial nozzles is several thousand yuan more than Ricoh G5 nozzles, but the speed of Xingguang industrial nozzles is more than twice that of Ricoh G5 nozzles, and its accuracy and life are more It is not inferior to Ricoh G5, so in comparison, Ricoh has no advantage on the conduction belt machine. Through the above comparison, it can be seen that Ricoh G5 is indeed not suitable for use in the field of textile digital printing.
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