Why is the price difference of the clothing digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine so big?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
Since the T-shirt printing machine came into the market, it has attracted many eyeballs with its simple operation method and faster printing speed. Nowadays, more and more printing manufacturers and printing processing merchants choose to purchase digital direct-injection garment printing machines. Issuance efficiency. However, if you want to choose the right garment digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, you must naturally understand the quotation of the digital direct-injection garment printing machine, so as to help you find a more suitable product! At present, there are many manufacturers of clothing digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines on the market, and there are also many brands of natural digital direct-injection clothing printing machines. Regarding the quotations of manufacturers of clothing digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines, Yanyan found that, The price on the market ranges from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand, and the main functions and quality of the machine, production efficiency, post-maintenance and other aspects are also different! The price of digital direct-injection garment printing machine is high and low, and the difference is quite big. However, if you want to find stable performance and fast printing speed, it is a tangled choice. I have to say here. The direct-injection T-shirt printing machine manufacturer, Qiya Digital, has its own machine production equipment factory and experience processing factory. With years of professional experience in digital printing machines, it integrates the craftsmanship of clothing and combines field operation training. In a true sense, it provides customers with service and support for the overall solution of digital printing. Yanyan's Jiaxiangyu brand printing machine has developed a variety of digital printing machines. The equipment covers: three series of industrial-grade high-speed digital direct-injection printing machines for fabric coils, T-shirt ready-to-wear pieces, and small proofing. After-sales installation, a comprehensive professional service of process guidance. There are many digital printing machines in Yanyan, among them, the digital direct-injection garment printing machine, which is the main product of this year, is a dual-purpose flat-panel ready-to-wear garment printing machine. It can print up to 2500 pieces of clothing per day, saving time and labor costs for many cooperating digital printing manufacturers in the printing production process. If you have any purchase requirements, you can contact Yanyan staff to consult the manufacturer of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines for quotation information
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