Why is the price gap of digital printing machines so big?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
When it comes to digital printing machines, there will always be great price differences between digital printing machines with the same configuration and the same size but different manufacturers. Why is there such a situation? This is mainly caused by three factors, and listen to Yanyan’s editor to answer for everyone: 1. Brand An excellent brand will bring a lot of added value, which can also be understood as the brand is directly proportional to the price. Brand means quality, service, and credibility. Under normal circumstances, brand awareness is directly proportional to quality, service, and credibility. The better digital printing machine brand means the better quality, better service, and credibility that you can rely on. When dealing with such a digital printing machine manufacturer, there will be no worries from beginning to end. 2. Cost Even if the same model has the same configuration and the same size, the cost of the machine produced by different digital printing machine manufacturers is different, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: A: digital printing machines with different Ru0026D costs Manufacturers have completely different Ru0026D strengths. Some have no Ru0026D at all and rely entirely on copying other people's machines, but they are just copying the skin, and the core things cannot be copied. However, some manufacturers have huge Ru0026D teams, such as Yanyan. The Ru0026D team alone has more than ten people. Good machines are made by money. B: Digital printing machine manufacturers with different labor costs have different views on quality. Some factories have three or five assemblers at their core, who simply assemble the machine without quality or testing, and the machine arrives at the customer. There are a lot of problems, but like Yanyan, it is only in the production workshop. In addition to the assembly technicians, there are also senior fitters, electronic engineers, test engineers, and quality inspections. The number of quality inspections alone accounts for one-third of the company's total number of people. For one thing, more people means higher labor costs. C: Material cost The accessory suppliers of digital printing machines are diversified, and there is a lot of room for options, but the quality and price of accessories from different manufacturers are also different, especially for boards, servos, guides, screw rods, and gears. For these core components such as strips and motors, different manufacturers have very different quality and price differences. Responsible digital printing machine manufacturers must choose accessories based on the principle of quality first, and manufacturers who are profit-oriented must choose price first. The principle is to choose accessories. D: Hidden costs In addition to the above three factors, there are many other hidden costs, such as plant rent, inventory, production efficiency and many other aspects.
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